Mark Osland's Position on Issues that Affect You!

Elect Mark Osland County Sheriff

Serious Crime - Assaults, homicides and robberies are creeping into our community.  Years of personal experience working assault, investigations and patrol.  Currently supervise investigations, perform crime analysis and partner with a variety of communities to prevent crime.

Drug Problem – Growing opioid crisis over-shadows previous drugs of choice.  Address any drug problems through prevention, enforcement and recovery.  Prevention - intervene with young people.  Enforcement – strict and aggressive. Recovery – for those addicted.

School Safety – Children should feel safe in their school.  Address bullying, mental health issues, building security, through engagement with deputies.  School resource officers should be in our schools. They are a first contact for students and staff, help develop positive relationships with law enforcement, and assist to identify safety concerns and resolve them. 

Deputies Coverage – Chisago County is a large geographic area. Provide safety to the community while minimizing danger to deputies.  How patrol schedules are set up determines outcomes.  Assess overall coverage needed, identify areas for intervention, assure high level of productivity, and assign deputies on the road as a priority.

Safe Place to Live – Work with citizens and businesses on ways to prevent crime from happening and diverting young people from making bad decisions. Enforce existing laws that may otherwise endanger our citizens.  Create a law-abiding environment where criminals feel unwelcome. 

Respond to Changing Needs – Sheriff who is approachable and open to suggestions.  Listen and learn what the county needs from the Sheriff’s office and work to make those needs a priority.  Ability to flex with crime patterns, focusing resources and manpower where the needs are.  Deal with crime effectively and efficiently.

Assure 911 Dispatch/Communication – Budget for and manage price of new radios in conjunction with partner townships and departments to assure adequate coverage for all emergencies. 

Facility Management – Conscientious oversight of our new jail/law enforcement center budget.  Maintain services without impacting taxpayers. 

Move Department Forward – Impressed with the force, have a positive outlook on the department, and see no need to overhaul personnel, management or programs within the Sheriff’s office.  A Sheriff should look out for the interest of the citizens to make their lives better.  I pledge to do that for you.