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Mark Osland Questions and Answers
Your name sounds familiar. Did you run for Sheriff before?

Yes, I have run for sheriff. Thank you for remembering my name.

My opinions about the size and need for a Jail/Law Enforcement complex built at taxpayers’ expense were different than our current commissioners who voted in favor of it.

The new Jail/Law Enforcement complex is a done deal and has been built. 

My background in law enforcement will allow me to oversee the jail and manage future operating expenditures across the sheriff's department wisely.

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Did you want to add a mounted posse to the Sheriff's Dept.?

Yes, I have supported adding a mounted posse under the volunteer sheriff's reserve unit. 

Posse's have been beneficial in other counties.  Our local horse owners wanted to volunteer for a Chisago County posse and asked me to help make that possible.

As a farmer myself, I embrace our rural way of life, and believe in the role that horses can provide in searching for lost children and missing adults as well as in community events. 

A posse would be valuable in Chisago County at no added expense.  

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Some friends received a letter from you, but I did not get it. What did it say?

The letter was sent to a list of voters provided to me by the Secretary of State's office.  I appreciate that you are interested in my campaign.   Please see the content of the letter below.

August 2018

Hello Neighbor:

The time has come again that you are entrusted with the duty of hiring our next sheriff for Chisago county.   This position should be filled by a candidate that is capable, trustworthy and highly qualified for the job.  Until recently, it had been filled with one of the “good ol' boys” who grew up in the area.  The outcome did not benefit us.

Let's make a change this time around.  Your vote carries a lot of responsibility to select from five candidates, none of whom has been elected sheriff before.

Do you want the candidate who you know through their local law enforcement duties -- but has little-to-no supervisory experience?    Or do you want someone who is experienced in supervising large staff, critical crime scenes and emergencies; one who has worked internal affairs and has a reputation for being tough on corruption?

I spoke out when I felt injustices were happening in the sheriff’s department.  I also spoke out about the over-size of the jail and additional costs attempting to be added to the jail built with taxpayer money.  I wanted to make sure there was transparency in the process and the project.  

Mark Osland is the candidate that has these qualifications and stands out from all the others. 

My wife Wanda and I moved here 14 years ago to raise a family in the wonderful Sunrise Township/Lindstrom area.  We have two boys ages ten and eight.   I know many other county residents relocated for similar reasons, along with wanting to get away from the big city into a safer rural environment.  Those who have lived here all their life understand why we chose to become your neighbors.

I have been involved locally as a youth sports coach, served three terms as Grand Knight of St. Bridget’s of Sweden Knights of Columbus and am currently a Sunrise Township Supervisor.  I value giving back to my community.  Becoming your sheriff is another way I hope to serve you.

As you evaluate who is the most qualified for the job of sheriff, please consider that as a licensed sworn police officer for 29 years, and over 20 of those years in a supervisory capacity, I have more experience than any other candidate.   I am currently a Lieutenant with the Minneapolis Police Department.  

I have seen major crime up close and personal and want to use that knowledge to stop serious crimes from creeping into our community. I worked internal affairs which protects the integrity of the department by holding officers accountable.  Our sheriff’s office could have used my expertise with several high-profile staff issues that have come to light.

Being different is good.  Let's change the environment of "good ol' boys" and instead select the most qualified candidate for sheriff with experience that can benefit us greatly.  At the end of the day it is about keeping our families safe.     I invite you to view my website or call me directly at 651-583-0707.  

Please Vote Mark Osland for Sheriff in the Primary on August 14th or through early absentee voting.  Thank you!


Mark Osland

37194 Oasis Rd

Lindstrom, MN 55045

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